About RROY

Rochester Runner of the Year


What is RROY?
  • Rochester Runner of the Year Series is 12 selected races over a period of time between March and November and is sponsored by The Greater Rochester Track Club.
How do I get involved?
  • Your first chosen race in the Series is your age for the entire series.
  • Minimum of 4 of the races gets you into the series (and maybe a win); Best 6 races count in the overall series.
Do I have to sign up? How do I do that?
  • There is no sign up to be part of RROY-just chose those designated races.
How are runners tracked?
  • Race directors sent the race results to RROY Stats people and they post the results after each race, along with standings after race #6
What do I win if I am RROY?
  • Awards are handed out at the GRTC Annual Banquet
  • Top3: M/F Overall-money awards.
  • 4-10 OA gift certificates from Medved-will also be eligible in the age groups.
  • Age group awards: 1st Place: -champion shirt, awards certificate, RROY coffee mug; #s2-5 same but no shirt no shirt

Greater Rochester Track Club

the main sponsor and organizer of Rochester Runner Of the Year (RROY)