May 13, 2021 Update

We’re a whole year to the day later and still the pandemic has made organizing and getting approval for races a challenge above and beyond what doing so in pre-pandemic times already was. For that reason, many races, both within RROY and outside it, have skipped 2021, gone virtual, developed a hybrid model, or are still pondering the feasibility of getting in-person in place. Some have changed their courses to be largely confined within parks, which makes approvals and planning simpler than road closures and exposure to the greater public. Every once in awhile, we’re seeing a race plan to go on nearly unchanged. 

However, with the repeated fundamental change to the structure of racing in 2021, there will again be no RROY standings for virtual races and it is highly improbable, but not impossible, that there will be any for those few that go on in person in some way. If that changes, we will announce it here, in the GRTC Facebook group, and via the club e-mail list.

RROY races have been a staple in this community, and we encourage everyone to continue running them in whatever form offered. Even without our traditional scoring and award system this year, we will at least acknowledge those of you who are running them in some way. Run as many of them as you can, and stay tuned for details as the year progresses on how each race will be treated.

From May 13, 2020

The uncertainty of COVID-19 has caused many races across the nation to be cancelled, go virtual, or be rescheduled. Unfortunately, RROY listings are no exception. Runnin’ of the Green went virtual and deferred racers to 2021. Daniel’s Race has been rescheduled to 8/22/2020. The whole Lilac Festival was cancelled. Iron Angel was cancelled. As of 5/13/2020, two June races are showing to be rescheduled: McMullen Mile and Medved 5K to Cure ALS. When we receive new dates from those race directors, we’ll update our information. Races that do not happen in person will not be counted for RROY standings, even if they have a virtual counterpart.

On a related note, if you run their virtual counterparts, those miles do count for Greater Rochester Track Club’s Mileage Patch totals, so long as they are counted only once. In other words, you can’t race two or more virtual races using the same mileage and count that mileage twice.