RROY Standings


Standings Overall

As of 2023, the system has changed to include all racers who finished one or more RROY races. As a result, more people have a chance to place in the series. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, 2020 and 2022 did not have standings. The current standings are found on the Current Standing page.

Prior to 2023, Overall Standings represented the top 15 of each gender for a particular race.

2022 Overall Standings

Files anticipated to be available by the end of 2023.

For 2019, you may

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The results shown only represent races run by each runner listed.

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Results By Age Group are also available.

2023 Standings are planned for release around the end of August 2023. 

Please remember this is not an automatic function and requires a volunteer to obtain, collate, sort, and compare data from multiple sources without a master list of all racers entering RROY races. The only way to do that would be to require registration into the series, which would grossly limit how many people participate, which runs counter to the purpose of RROY.

2022 Standings are available via PDF only.

Final Overall Standings

Age Group Standings through Race 5

2022 Final Top 10 Results

Overall Winners – Women

1.   Melissa Johnson White
2.   Laura Galeazzo
3.   Ilianna Surowiec
4.   Kirsten Nagel
5.   Jen Popen
6.   Laura Francz
7.   Cheryl Guth
8.   Erin Gibbons
9.   Sandy Wheeler
10. Mary Crowe

Overall Winners – Men

1.  Marcus Gage
2.  Kenny Goodfellow
3.  Charles Surowiec
4.  Richard Howard
5.  Gregory Nowakowski
6.  Jonathan Ryan
7.  Prem Kumar
8.  Greg Barkau
9.  Colton Perham
10. Ravi Kumar

Special 2022 Notes

Congratulations to all of our winners! Prizes will be awarded at the GRTC Annual Banquet on February 25, 2025.

A few facts about our RROY this year – half of the top 10 female winners were over the age of 50.  The top 10 male winners were a little younger with an average age of 40.  The most competitive age group was women ages 60 – 64.  We also had 4 families who consistently ran together: Adam, Jennifer, and their daughter Eleanor Anolik, husband and wife Bill and Mary Crowe, father and son Prem and Ravi Kumar, and father and daughter Charles and Ilianna Surowiec.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there was not a traditional RROY Series for 2020 or 2021. Therefore, there are no results to report. Furthermore, we discontinued offering results in a searchable table format online due to the time involved in doing so when people can just as easily use the search function in their favorite PDF reader to find a specific person. That makes 2019 the only year that is searchable on the site.

Overall: 2019 Rochester Runner of The Year

NameGenderPlacePoints Total# of RacesJohnny's Runnin' of the Green 5-MilerHighland Hospital Lilac Run (10K)Sunset House 5KCharlie McMullen MileMedved 5K to Cure ALSA Country Mile at GanondaganOaktree Half MarathonIron Angel (XC) 5KFinish Strong 15KScare Brain Cancer Away 5KGrocery Run 5KRace with Grace 10K
Johnson-White, Melissa, 38Female1896151415151515
Byler, Trisha, 34Female282713121215151413
Galeazzo, Laura, 31Female375610159141314
Vanderlip, Tracy, 39Female456701231011911
Roberts, Ashlie, 33Female53480110401270
Novick, Kristina, 35Female627411169
Rynders, Lindsay, 26Female718401611
Keefe, Margaret, 60Female81360001300
Shields, Ruth, 47Female813100010002730
Spencer, Carrie, 41Female10125000210
Gaudino, Jennifer, 46Female11108000100000
Ruhland, Christina, 51Female12740700
Antonini, Christine, 44Female13540050
Quinlan, Janine, 63Female1359000050000
Vanderberg, Carol, 56Female15440400
Dubreck, Catherine, 25Female154800040000
McDonell, Sarah, 41Female1736030000
Cannon, Claire, 23Female18140010
Palacio, Maria, 40Female18140001
Potter, Kathryn, 29Female999413141314
Duffy, Joanna, 33Female99934312139
Benson, Chelsea, 36Female9993021515
Tuttle, Georgia, 23Female99925301312
Donahue, Mackenzie, 23Female9992421113
Gibbons, Erin, 22Female9992221012
Kruze, Rachel, 35Female9992221012
Squires, Margaret, 16Female999192136
Naylon, Jordyn, 28Female999182711
Ramirez, Elise, 22Female99915115
McGavisk, Danielle, 45Female99915287
Wright, Erica, 34Female99915115
Leone, Laurel, 34Female99914114
Hansen, Jennie, 34Female99914114
Scott, Sascha, 43Female99914114
Duggan, Alexandra, 31Female99914114
Kunzler, Brenna, 24Female99914114
Danner, Sarah, 26Female99914114
Wallace, Olivia, 25Female99913113
Nadeau, Sarah, 25Female99913113
Luckner, Megan, 24Female99913113
Pell, Ellie, 27Female99912112
Burke, Joy, 41Female999123840
Thompson, Natalie, 31Female99912112
Crowe, Mary, 63Female9991231200
Sudol, Dawn, 35Female99912112
Coon, Colleen, 28Female99911111
Iafrati, Laura, 30Female99911111
Fischer, Ashton, 25Female99911111
Didonno, Michelle, 39Female99911111
Matthies, Candace, 30Female99911111
Baker, Annmary, 24Female99910273
Savage, Holly, 32Female99910255
Konopka, Amy, 40Female999102010
Christo, Therese, 65Female999102100
Capuano, Annalee, 15Female99910110
Reschke, Jennifer, 40Female99910110
Nagel, Kirsten, 36Female99910110
Meaney, Lillian, 24Female99910110
Nichols, Katarina, 20Female99910273
Hughes, Ashton, 25Female999919
Webster, Heather, 45Female999919
Dey, Katherine, 33Female9999209
Glass, Maci, 14Female999919
Cohen, Halley, 10Female999919
Gisleson, Deborah, 44Female999919
Miller, Juliette, 21Female999919
Dewart, Emma, 29Female999919
Gordon, Brittany, 28Female9998208
Ogden, Elizabeth, 29Female9998208
Driscoll, Kelley, 27Female999818
Pernie, Patricia, 55Female999818
O'Neill, Molly, 16Female999818
Gelfuso, Jennifer, 40Female9998280
Ascroft, Shelby, 44Female999818
Grant, Abby, 24Female999818
McMillan, Susan, 47Female999818
Wittlieb-weber, Carol, 35Female999818
Glaser, Rae, 36Female9997207
Binggeli, Bonnie, 24Female9997207
Coyle, Georgia, 12Female999717
Coumou, Ashley, 20Female999717
Bruinsma, Danielle, 35Female999717
Angus, Mckenzie, 20Female999616
Micaroni, Gina, 30Female999616
Inzinga, Rosemarie, 13Female999616
Carney, Cecelia, 18Female999616
Osovski, Brenda, 50Female999616
Weber, Kristen, 35Female999616
Elliott, Marcia, 40Female999616
Gordon, Marissa, 49Female9996260
Seremetis, Natalia, 13Female999616
Kwarta, Bethany, 28Female999515
Oates, Patricia, 34Female999515
Carney, MacKenzie, 18Female999515
Frye, Michelle, 46Female99953050
Frazer, Mel, 35Female999515
Kessler, Sherry, 48Female9995205
Darron, Jenna, 30Female999515
Guenther, Elsa, 32Female999515
Caveglia, Sarah, 31Female999414
Bice, Lisa, 50Female9994204
Ball, Ann, 35Female9994204
George, Jeanette, 44Female99943040
Nash, Kelly, 48Female9994240
Mon, Mary, 35Female999414
Watson, Jennifer, 38Female999414
Keck, Christina, 35Female999414
Gardner, Sarah, 33Female999313
Reigle, Betsey, 46Female99933030
Strait, Nicole, 37Female9993203
Watt, Leanna, 35Female999313
Welter, Lindsey, 29Female999313
Morgan, Lori, 59Female999313
Harvey, Kelli, 47Female999313
Mitchell, Allison, 29Female999212
Stauffer, Veronica, 23Female999212
Hodges, Jude, 54Female9992220
Menarchem, Cathryn, 26Female999212
Morgan-develder, Lacy, 35Female9992220
Smith, Julia, 37Female999212
Kloiber, Ilsa, 16Female999212
Forrester, Tricia, 59Female999212
Munger, Lila, 15Female999212
Peer, Jillian, 40Female999212
Katz, Jennifer, 32Female9991201
Thut, Allison, 30Female999111
Zaremba, Emma, 25Female9991201
Polino, Tiffany, 45Female999111
Stacy, Kim, 40Female9991210
Biondolillo, Heather, 49Female999111
Wolf, Liz, 51Female999111
Andrews, Mark, 48Male18891580151515151213
Hurlbut, Robert, 26Male26851115141414
Gage, Marcus, 47Male353820081213117
McElwain, Jason, 30Male4397001361343
Larson, Mark, 49Male528700701560
Stephens, John, 37Male62360100760
Ruchlin, Stephen, 50Male719700001180
Barkau, Greg, 39Male8185401103
Polino, Jeff, 43Male916700000142
Beyerbach, Bill, 63Male101560020130
Roberts, Matthew, 34Male111344009
Howard, Richard, 46Male121270000840
Kumar, Prem, 43Male1212700012000
Ruhland, Matthew, 21Male1410401000
Ryan, Jonathon, 37Male15940090
Van Kirk, Chris, 34Male16840800
Ciaio, Andrew, 53Male1776007000
Sheehan, Kevin, 57Male1866001500
Crilly, Anthony, 54Male1869000000600
Adams, Dave, 45Male2056005000
Stark, Daniel, 33Male21440040
Taggerty, Daniel, 55Male21440040
Gardner, Kenneth, 47Male23370000030
Battaglia, Mark, 51Male2336000300
Sayers, Mike, 60Male2516010000
Moran, Tom, 66Male251800001000
Harter, Josh, 44Male9993038139
Boulama, Omar, 25Male9992821315
Nobles, Aaron, 31Male99928301414
Byler, Chad, 35Male99926301412
Streb, Mark, 29Male99922310012
Suflita, Paul, 20Male9992231615
Blodgett, Matt, 42Male9992036014
Sullivan, Peter, 36Male9992030128
Cooper, Robert, 24Male999162313
Mertens, Michael, 55Male999162610
Kenyon, Garrett, 24Male99915115
Kovacs, Reid, 20Male99915115
Burks, Alexander, 22Male99915115
Paige-Rispoli, Arranne, 24Male99914114
Herbert, Matthew, 25Male99914114
Selke, Greg, 29Male999142113
Skutt, Michael, 15Male99914114
Cutter, Patrick, 30Male99914114
Smith, Brett, 29Male999132130
Campo, Zach, 20Male99913113
Lopez Hidalgo, Oscar, 32Male999132013
Bierl, Ryan, 30Male99913113
Jones, Jesse, 26Male999122120
Chichester, Tim, 30Male99912112
Frisa, Matthew, 14Male999122120
Smith, Randy, 30Male99912112
Welch, Sean, 21Male99912112
Pellittieri, Joe, 27Male99912112
Lupia, Anthony, 24Male99911292
Oberst, Matt, 38Male999112011
Delorme, Steven, 39Male999113029
Anthony, Gunnar, 15Male99911111
Cannon, Nathan, 20Male99911111
Chambers, Cameron, 18Male99911111
Pacheck, Adam, 27Male99911111
Brunacini, Nathaniel, 18Male99911111
Bergan, Joe, 30Male99911111
Goff, Jordan, 30Male999102010
Root, Brennan, 23Male99910110
Hobbs, James, 45Male99910110
Lepage, Andrew, 15Male99910110
LaVeck, Rob, 38Male99910110
Anderson, James, 23Male99910110
Dininny, Andrew, 33Male99910110
Erickson, Jack, 25Male99910110
Hansen, David, 35Male9999209
Widner, Zacchaeus, 27Male999919
Johnson, Chad, 40Male999919
Dertinger, Ben, 17Male999919
Stahl, Eric, 25Male999919
Clinefelter, Kevin, 63Male9999209
Trombley, Nicholas, 25Male999919
Klingensmith, Michael, 39Male999818
Dovi, Spencer, 15Male999818
Flanders, Dale, 54Male9998208
Foster, Mark, 35Male999818
Gauronski, Zach, 18Male999818
Budinski, Nick, 25Male999717
Ohara, Chip, 38Male999717
Johnson, Derek, 15Male999717
Buechel, Ryan, 18Male999717
McMullen, Matt, 17Male999717
Spear, William, 48Male99973070
Bolles, Gordon, 44Male999717
Spagnuolo, Andrew, 24Male999717
Schutt, Darren, 38Male999616
Valladares, Michaeil, 15Male999616
Regan, Thomas, 45Male999616
Welden, Mike, 36Male999616
Elder, Robert, 39Male999616
Pierce, Matthew, 26Male999515
Dwyer, Tim, 59Male99953050
Burdick, Jared, 32Male999515
Nash, Charlie, 16Male9995250
Colby, Jeffrey, 25Male999515
Mendler, Caleb, 13Male999515
Serionne, Ace, 28Male999515
Green, Jared, 30Male999515
Leone, Paul, 54Male999515
Burdett, Francis, 54Male999515
Maynard, Marty, 37Male9994204
Rappleyea, David, 33Male9994240
Sackett, Danile, 55Male999414
Haji, Cali, 19Male999414
Feldstein, Michael, 49Male999414
Duchnick, Justin, 39Male999414
Palmer, Matt, 30Male999313
McCollum, Brendan, 14Male9993203
Yonosko, Matthew, 33Male99933030
Farrell, John, 50Male999313
Lang, Adam, 26Male999313
Aldridge, Peter, 32Male999313
Cook, Jeremy, 30Male99923002
Heberger, Mark, 60Male9992220
Nutter, Ben, 14Male9992220
Faulkner, Gillan, 21Male999212
Viterise, Michael, 64Male999212
Brady, Conor, 37Male999212
Cronister, Brad, 30Male999212
MacMillan, Andrew, 38Male999111
Rossi, Josh, 35Male999111
Dyrland, Josh, 20Male999111
DeBruyn, Jonathan, 48Male999111
Smith, Jimmy, 17Male999111
Matace, John, 54Male999111
Hilt, Zachary, 26Male999111
Hamnqvist, Erik, 28Male999111

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